Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We Are Comics

This would normally go in the News Roundup, but I figured it deserves its own post.

Amy Dallen's latest Talkin' Comics video informed me about a new Tumblr project called We Are Comics.

The project was created in response to the ridiculously misogynistic attacks on Comic Book Resources contributor, Janelle Asselin. Asselin wrote an excellent analysis of the cover of Teen Titans #1, mostly as a critique of the art.
Teen Titans #1

In response, she was attacked in the comments and on a survey she is conducting on sexual harassment in the comics industry. She has received multiple rape threats. For not liking a comic book cover.

There's a good overview of all the craziness here, and Amy has a bunch of other links in her video notes.

The We Are Comics Project is asking people who read or create comics to take photos of themselves holding a "I am Comics" sign and add a brief bio. Obviously, this is intended to display the diversity of fandom, but they encourage straight, white, cis-dudes to write in and show support as well. 

Some queer folk have already sent in pics, but there could certainly be more. Send in your photo today!


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