Sunday, May 11, 2014

Queer Comics News Roundup

Lots of queer comics news!

Now you can cross stitch your own Tom of Finland doily.

Kevin Keller is a Looking fan.

Kevin's solo series is also coming to an end, but there is plenty more of the character to come.

A glowing review of The Pride #2, an online comic book about a queer superhero team, over at Bleeding Cool.

The British Library is opening a new exhibit, Comics Unmasked: Art and Anarchy in the UK on May Day.

A summary of the "New Directions in LGBTQ Comics" panel at Wondercon.

Alan Scott is going to get a Brazilian boyfriend in Earth 2.

There's going to be a lesbian storyline in animal-rights comic Liberator (published by Black Mask Studios, who also publish Occupy Comics).

Fun Home musical sold out at the College of Charleston (the school whose budget was cut for having Fun Home as an option on their summer reading list).

Fantagraphics is going to print a Wuvable Oaf collection.

The A.V. Club has a positive review for the last issue of Gail Simone's super queer comic, The Movement.

Debate continues in the South Carolina legislature regarding funding cuts for the College of Charleston for including Fun Home on its summer reading list.  Apparently Bechdel is Hitler and asking students to read a comic book is something akin to slavery.

Renee Montoya (The Question) may appear in Fox's new show, Gotham.


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