Sunday, March 16, 2014

Queer Comics News Roundup

Joseph Glass sold his queer comic, The Pride, on Grindr this weekend at London Super Comic Con.

All the gays seem to be happy with 300: Rise of an Empire because of its massive manpiles of
300: Rise of an Empire

Pied Piper's boyfriend, David Singh, will appear on CW's new Flash series.

Tom Brevoort, senior vice president of publishing at Marvel, on diversity in comics:
Whether it's more Latino characters, or more Black characters, or more LGBT characters -- you pretty much can pick any group of people, and as long as you're not talking about middle-aged white men like myself, they're probably underrepresented in the world of superhero comics...While it's nice that we've made some steps -- we have more female-led books than ever before -- that doesn't mean we should stop coming up with them.


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