Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Eighth Seal

I talked briefly about The Eight Seal in the Writer's Room about James Tynion IV when he came out.  It's a gloriously creepy horror comic published online by Thrillbent, about the First Lady of the United States, who is either rapidly descending into madness or possessed by a demon.  Tynion supplies the dialogue, and Jeremy Rock does the beautiful/disturbing art.

Previously, only the first issue was available for free as a preview to the series.  Now, Thrillbent has put up the first six issues, just lacking some "bonus material" from the full-price issues (available for $2 each).

The reason I bring it up again--aside from the fact that it's awesome--is that Chapter 3 finally introduces a gay character!  Or really, it reveals that a previously introduced character is gay.  Brian Marche is the First Lady's chief of staff, and a central character of the story.

The Eighth Seal #3
Definitely check out this fresh-feeling, scary work.


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