Tuesday, January 7, 2014

One of Us! One of Us!

Original Photo via Flickr user xlibber (CC BY 2.0)
Gooble gobble, indeed.

Today is a very special edition of Writer's Room, as we welcome writer James Tynion IV to the exciting world of queer comic book creators.

The only CC licensed picture of Tynion I could find. He's on the left.
 Photo via Flickr user OnceAndFutureLaura (CC BY-NC-SA 2.)
Tynion came out as bisexual with a really sweet post on his tumblr on New Year's Eve.  It's a nice story of resolutions, identity, multiple coming-outs, and lots of warm fuzzies.  Go read it.

If you need more good things to read, you're in luck; Tynion seems to be a talented up-and-coming writer.  He earned his chops working under/with Scott Snyder on Batman.  That run produced at least one issue with an LGBT-centered storyline.  In issue #12, we are given a look into minor character Harper Row's life and see how she stands up for queer brother in school (like getting "FAG" cut into her hair when bullies forcibly do it to Cullen).

Batman #12
Tynion has also done work on Talon and Red Hood and the Outlaws.  Check out his Comic Vine page for his full bibliography.

One thing in particular that I am excited about is his new digital-only comic, The Eighth Seal, published by Thrillbent comics, a company created by Mark Waid.  Eight Seal is a "political horror thriller" and looks seriously disturbing.  Even without artist Jeremy Rock's creepy panels, Tynion's dialogue stands alone as creepy enough to let you know just how unstable the main character is becoming.
The Eighth Seal #1
You can (and should) read a free preview of issue #1 at CBR.

So once again, let's welcome another talented queer individual out of the professional closet.  Congratulations, James!



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