Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New (Old) Comics!

So I have mostly exhausted the supply of premillennial queer comic books within a 50-miles radius of my home.  I still try to get most of my new issues and trade papers from my FLCS's (especially Atomic Empire, Chapel Hill Comics, and Acme Comics--home of the most knowledgeable geeks ever); however, I sometimes have to branch out to the world of ebay to secure some of the older and more obscure titles.

I just got in a stack of new comics to sort through from the fine folks at  Because of the way I maintain my buy list (which I don't think I've shared before, so here's a preview of what's to come), I have very little idea of why exactly I bought these.  I'm just assuming I had a good reason to add them to the list.

I'll be updating the timeline with these issues in the week to come. Keep an eye on the main page, too, and I'll post some reviews of the more interesting finds.


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