Friday, November 28, 2014

Out in Comics

I recently discovered that Zan Christensen (or someone operating under his name) uploaded the four issues of Out in Comics published between 1999 and 2002 to Issuu.

Out in Comics 2002

Out in Comics was produced by the legendary Andy Mangels to be given out at Comic Con. It was a guide to the known out comic book creators, queer goings-on at the Con, and the history of LGBTQ portrayals in comics.

Together with Andy Mangels' "Gays in Comics" articles in Amazing Heroes (part I and part II) and Gay League, these scant few essentially fanzines form the foundation of efforts to catalog a history of queer comics.  To have them freely available is a terrific asset for anyone interested in researching this history, as Andy and friends have already done a lot of the legwork. I discovered a few issues myself that had flown beneath my radar, which are now safely on my buy list.

Out in Comics


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